Have you ever wonder living in a house that is turn upside down? How can you cook, if you are at the ceiling? How can you eat, if the tables and chair aren't in a right position? Well, if you're here in Taiwan (especially around Taipei area) you can get a chance to experience all of this via UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE. 

This house is a two storey building turn upside down, complete with living room, study area, toilet and bath, kitchen and dining area, guest room, garage and even kids/infants room. 

It is open daily and located at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Zhongzheng District, a 5 minutes walk from the west exit of Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station of the Taipei MRT. Entrance ticket for adult is NT$199 and NT$100 for senior citizen. 

The plates and cupboards are real!

A Real car at the ceiling(well maybe the man is the one on the ceiling!)

I'm trying to reached that bike but im lacking of height! 

Oh wait, dont even dare to flush me!


These girls are having fun, arent they?

Raised armpit pa more! 

Theres a lady with a long hair holding a star(if you know what i mean) inside that stairs, selling coffee! :)

The Old Hsinchu City East Gate

Yesterday, After so many months of making money, i finally got my restday. I also realized that i had a life to enjoy with. So without making any ado, i grabbed my bag and kick my ass off of my crib and spent the whole day at the city. Though the temperature is quite a bit annoying, i still find ways on how to enjoy my day. First, i visit my favorite bookstore, the Eslite, looking for a good book and also to grasp some cold temp for me to able to cope from the heat of the sun outside, which is freakingly irritating. After an hour or so, i look for a nice place to fill my angry stomach with a good food. I scout the city and took the underpass along the elliptical road, while walking, i saw a gallery of pictures of the Old City during its heyday and before/after the war. And in amazement, i pulled my ipad out of my bag and took a souvenir of it. Thanks to Hsinchu City Government for displaying this Old City photos to be able to remind its people how beautiful the city was way back when. 

The underpass of the Hsinchu City East Gate.(present day)

The East Gate still having a bridge during pre war era.

Established in 1733, the city used to be surrounded by bamboo groves. Hence, it was given the name "Chuchien," which means "bamboo wall." In 1826, members of the local gentry asked the authorities to erect a city wall made of brick and stone, and the request was granted. Construction started in 1827, and four gate towers were erected. As a result of city planning during the Japanese era, the wall and other gates were torn down in 1902, leaving only the East Gate. (

A destructive part of the gate during war period.

A Taiwanese mesmerizing the beauty of the city while letting his goat to feed.

A Taiwanese carrying his produce using a bamboo pole on his shoulder. Bamboo poles are ways of transporting goods in most Asian countries during hat day. The area of this street is today ZhongShan Road. 

Soldiers unwinding... 

A typical convoy of a married couple while in front of the East Gate.

The almost top view of the entire city gate during its heyday.

The center of businesses and relaxation.

This photo might be during 80's where street performers are still in. 

Proud to be an OFW... Ang Simula!
Its almost a decade na pala, since the day i first set my foot here in Taiwan. Parang kelan lang, simula ng iwan ko ang bansang Pilipinas, ang bansa kung saan hindi ako nabigyan ng magandang oportunidad na mapaunlad at maibahagi ang sarili kong kakayanan. Marami akong pangarap noon, after kong grumadweyt, sabi ko sa sarili ko, gusto kong makapagtrabaho sa either GMA o ABS, sa madali't sabi, isa akong ambisyoso. Pero ganun pala talaga yun kailangan mong sumabay, makipagsabayan o higitan ang kumpetisyon. Kumpetisyon, na hindi lang ang sarili mong kakayanan and iyong panlaban, kundi kumpetisyon pati na rin ng eskwelahan na iyong pinanggalingan. Noon, after i took the board exam, nag-apply ako sa ABS, hindi ako nakapasok kahit man lang sa gate o kahit yung tignan ng guard ang bag mo hindi nangyari, in short nakapila lang ako simula 5AM ng umaga. Nung time na yun, may limit ng aplikante ang pinapasok at binagyan ng hope. Sa loob loob ko noon, may araw din kayo, hahaha! 

Anyways, after my failed application sa communications area, i try another, sa semicon, though i had an offer, sobrang malayo naman, i'm a city guy person kasi (hahaha! feeling! ) ayoko kasi ng malayo sa pamilya at hindi ko pa kayang mag-solo nun, baka kasi mareyp lang ako. hahaha! So I tried another, this time, pinatulan ko na, anything kahit out of my studies, basta hindi magpapatigas at magpapatindig ng ano... ng bakal at hindi maabuso ang mura kong katawan. Lol!

After a month or so, i was accepted sa Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, malayo man sa pinag-aralan ko, i took the job, after all, its still a job that can support my needs and besides thats the reason naman kung bakit tayo naghahanap ng work, di ba? Lol! Sa Astra iyon yung masasabi kong first serious job ko aside nung estudyante ako, mga part time, part time, ganyan! dun ko naexperienced ang lahat, ang makasama ang ibat ibang klase ng tao, mga sosyalera, chismosa, mga nerd, tahimik, at mga feeling sosyal, in short, naenjoy ko ang trabaho ko. Pero, ganun pala talaga ang tao, kapag nagiging routine na lang ng ginagawa mo at nararamdamn mong walang kang growth, hahanap at hahanap ka pa rin ng iba. So i applied again, this time, gusto ko out of the country naman. Gusto kong maranasan ang makasakay ng eroplano. Takot ako noon sa mga news about sa mga Arabo, kaya middle east is not my option. I went to an agency somewhere in Malvar, near PCU, wherein Pepsi Singapore is in need of Technician, at dahil yung criteria nila is something about bottle blowing and some sort, i applied, since sa Astra im doing the same naman. Kinunsider naman nila yun application ko but then, after two days they said na they needed those who had 3-5 years experience. Imba lang! 

Mahirap magjob hunt for aroad noon lalo pa't kulang pa yung experience mo, but sa kabila ng iyong pagtitiyaga at the end you will find one naman. So sa madalit salita, may nagopen ng pinto, pinto ng opurtunidad sa bansang Taiwan. I was interviewed sa isang agency somewhere in Project 8. Sabi nila, a Semicon company is in need of engineering graduates. So nagexam kami, nagulat ako sa exam, akala ko tapos na pagiging estudyante ko, kasi ba naman ang exam is, from Boylestad's book, pinasolve kami ng common emitter biasing ng walang calculator. Kamusta naman! But kahit na mahirap yung exam, i passed and was selected. 

At dun na nagsimula  ang lahat lahat sa buhay ko, bilang tao, at bilang OFW....


The 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Aside from Chinese New Year festivities, one of the most awaited celebration by the Taiwanese after the start of the lunar year,  is the annual Lantern Festival. From this joyful  and vibrant occasion, this is also suitable for friends and time for family reunions.

This year's host is the Hsinchu County. Showcasing the culture and talents of Taiwanese that will focus on innovation and breakthrough based on the future.

The Kick-off and opening party happened last January 24th, marking the 15th day of the first lunar month or Yuan Xiao. The said event was participated by different organizations on both local and private sectors. The festival was joined by some characters from Walt Disney Family including Mickey Mouse.

Daffy & Daisy duck
Photo from BIG CITY's Facebook Fanpage

Photo from BIG CITY's Facebook Fanpage

Photo taken by my friend, Sam Liu.

Photo taken by my friend, Sam Liu.

Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Alvin, Daffy & Daisy
(Photo from BIG CITY's Facebook Fanpage)

Photo taken by my friend, Sam Liu.

The Event was formally opened by lighting all the lanterns and with some numerous fireworks display.


Below are some photos from the said festival.

The Soaring Snake is the master of all Lanterns that will displays with panoramic lighting effects and bamboo structure to incorporate concepts of sustainable environmental protections.A Soaring Snake since 2013 is year of the snake, used to symbolize growth & prosperity.

There are also lanterns that symbolizes good fortune for all things, like this giant Golden Phoenix for WEALTH.

This next lantern is called 'Peaceful Elephant'. A combination of elephant and vases, as in chinese, vase sounds like peace, that symbolizes lush pasture where elephants can live peacefully. 

Large LED screens and a light-rhythm effects that highlights Hsinchu distinct scenery. 

Giant Bug

China Airlines entry

Entry from other county.


Centaur, Saggitarius


This 2013 Lantern Festival will be last until March 10, so make sure that you will not forget to put this event on your bucket list while you were here in Taiwan.

Visit for more info.

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