The 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Aside from Chinese New Year festivities, one of the most awaited celebration by the Taiwanese after the start of the lunar year,  is the annual Lantern Festival. From this joyful  and vibrant occasion, this is also suitable for friends and time for family reunions.

This year's host is the Hsinchu County. Showcasing the culture and talents of Taiwanese that will focus on innovation and breakthrough based on the future.

The Kick-off and opening party happened last January 24th, marking the 15th day of the first lunar month or Yuan Xiao. The said event was participated by different organizations on both local and private sectors. The festival was joined by some characters from Walt Disney Family including Mickey Mouse.

Daffy & Daisy duck
Photo from BIG CITY's Facebook Fanpage

Photo from BIG CITY's Facebook Fanpage

Photo taken by my friend, Sam Liu.

Photo taken by my friend, Sam Liu.

Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Alvin, Daffy & Daisy
(Photo from BIG CITY's Facebook Fanpage)

Photo taken by my friend, Sam Liu.

The Event was formally opened by lighting all the lanterns and with some numerous fireworks display.


Below are some photos from the said festival.

The Soaring Snake is the master of all Lanterns that will displays with panoramic lighting effects and bamboo structure to incorporate concepts of sustainable environmental protections.A Soaring Snake since 2013 is year of the snake, used to symbolize growth & prosperity.

There are also lanterns that symbolizes good fortune for all things, like this giant Golden Phoenix for WEALTH.

This next lantern is called 'Peaceful Elephant'. A combination of elephant and vases, as in chinese, vase sounds like peace, that symbolizes lush pasture where elephants can live peacefully. 

Large LED screens and a light-rhythm effects that highlights Hsinchu distinct scenery. 

Giant Bug

China Airlines entry

Entry from other county.


Centaur, Saggitarius


This 2013 Lantern Festival will be last until March 10, so make sure that you will not forget to put this event on your bucket list while you were here in Taiwan.

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