The first time that I visit this place is way back July 2005. Me & my friend enjoy the summer here. Then after 4 years I came back here again with my co-workers just to enjoy the last kick of summer. I called this place, A WORLD in MINI's, means, a places around the world in miniature form. Here you can see the different location & spots all around the world. They have here, the Mini ASIA, EUROPE & AMERICA.

In Mini America, the statue of Liberty with its 100 tons of bronze, the world’s largest stone obelisk, the Washington Monument, the famous sculptural master piece, the Four Presidents on Mount Rushmore, and the temple to the Sun God , the Kukulkan Pyramid – these testify to the America’s short yet amazing history of development into its influential position today.
A Kababayan from Taal Batangas at
Mini White House

The Mini Statue of Liberty


Mini White House

The Kulkulan Pyramid of Aztecs,
Yucatan, Mexico

Mini Temple of the Sun-God at Washington

Mini Mount Rushmore of America

In mini EUROPE, If you would like to experience the beauty of European buildings in one trip, this is the place to be! Visit the Greek Acropolis, the Roman Worms Cathedral, the Gothic St. Francis Cathedral and as well as St. Basil’s Cathedral which incorporates Byzantium influences, Gothic spires and Roman Arches.
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

A Cathedral in Modena, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

One of the great Architecture in one church somewhere in Europe
(I did not get the info)

A young chinese pictured at Mini ST. PETER's

In Mini Asia you can see the different & beautiful spots all around ASIA. Be amazed by the one of seven wonder of the worlds list the GREAT WALL of CHINA & the TAJ MAHAL, some minaret & temples in west & east Asia such as, Todai-ji Temple in Japan.

One of GT operator at MINI GREAT WALL

Another GT operator on Todai-ji Temple in Japan,
the largest wooden building in the world

Me & my friends on Mini TAJ MAHAL

A minaret from IRAQ

So guys try this to add at your tourist destinations list, because in a day you can travel the world's famous attractions. The Eiffel tower, the Taipei 101, the Petronas towers are still on plan to construct.

Photo credits:
http://www.friendster.com (thanks to Salve Coronel, Annalyn Alilio & Guilmar Sara's account)

6 Responses
  1. Badong Says:

    wow. parang international na nayong pilipino?

  2. batang'henyo Says:

    ang saya naman ng lugar na ito.. trip one tym around the world...

    nasa taiwan ba ito parekoy?? ipabisita ko nga yan sa ate ko...hehehe

  3. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @kuya badong, oo kuya parang ganon na nga...salamat sa pagdaan.

    @kuya batang, oo dito sa taiwan, malamang napuntahan na to ng ate mo at sigurado ako nakapasayal na din dito si ate bing ng gumamela sa paraiso.

  4. Ahhh.. tama naalala ko yan... jijijijiji... UU ganda nga saka nakakatuwa at least di mo na kelangan libutin ang mundo para mapasyalan lahat ng lugar... dyan na lang mismo solb ka na... jijijijijiji

  5. Life Moto Says:

    napasyalan ng rin mga kasamahan ko noong 94 pa. siguradong mas maganda now.

  6. Yodz Says:

    wow, that's a really cute place to visit.

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