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Competitions at the highest level in a multitude of diverse, popular and spectacular sports make up the mainstay of The World Games.Sports practiced on land, in the air, in and on the water, they all concur in the pursuit of 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'.

At quadrennial intervals, in the years following the Games of the Olympiad, the world’s best athletes in these sports unite in their common search for excellence during The World Games. As the pinnacle in the competition calendar and as a highly visible stage for top athletes to perform on, The World Games generate worldwide exposure for the participating sports and athletes alike.

Above all, The World Games provide the unique setting for thousands of athletes from different sports and countries to join in a celebration of unity and friendship across all boundaries. The World Games are the MAIN EVENT for all these athletes – one marked by sporting exploits as well as by camaraderie. (


Akalain mo yun, meron palang existing event na tulad nito, in my entire life, ngayon ko lang nalaman na meron palang world games na tinatawag, at take note, pang 8th season na pala (every after 4 years, since 1981).

One time nanood ako ng TV (wala kaming filipino channel, kaya pinagtiyagaan na ang mga chinese channel) nakita ko yung mga lumba-lumba ng JAPAN na bouting for gold sa SUMO wrestling, naisip ko tuloy me sports pala para sa amin (hehehhe). Tapos iyong nilalaro namin noong mga bata pa kami (iba na kase nilalaro ko ngayon, for adults na...hehehe) na TUG of WAR, pinagtatalunan din pala.

At heto pa meron palang laro na halos dumugo ang ilong ko sa pagbigkas, ito yung tinatawag na "TCHOUKBALL" (ibang tsuk! ang alam ko na laro eh).

"Tchoukball is a genuine team sport. It stands proud as a spectacular and unique game, capable to attracting people of all sporting abilities.There is no physical contact between players and both teams attack at both ends of the court. What other sport boasts these attributes?The absence of contact means that players of differing shapes, sizes and even genders can compete against each other. Fair play and respect for the opposition are fundamental to the way tchoukball is played. At a higher level, tchoukball is intense, fast and skilful. Players specialise in offensive or defensive positions however the key to success is flexibility and solid teamwork. Tchoukball is played with passion, commitment and flair."

Although, inisnab daw ng CHINA ang event na ito (due to territory conflict), bongga ang opening at closing na naganap sa KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN and all well applauded by the organizing committee, sa madaling sabi pinagkagastusan at pinaghandaan, meaning all out ang support ng sports department ng bansang ito.

Here is the MEDAL tally of this event.

1 RUS - Russian Federation = 18
2 ITA - Italy = 16
3 CHN - China = 14
4 USA - United States = 13
5 FRA - France = 11
6 UKR - Ukraine = 11
7 TPE - TPE - Chinese Taipei = 8
8 GER - Germany = 6
9 KOR - Korea, Republic of = 6
10 AUS - Australia = 5
11 GBR - Great Britain = 4
12 JPN - Japan = 4
46 PHI - Philippines = 1(Bronze)

Bakit ganun, PHILIPPINES 1 bronze medal. Hanggang kelan tayo magiging kulelat, sabi ng Sports Commission me budget ang palakasan. Palakasan lang atang mangurakot ang mga nasa commission eh.

2 Responses
  1. Jepoy Says:

    Akalain mong naka bronze ang filifins. hulaan ko kung anung event, BOXING?!

  2. hi
    i am international promoter of tchoukball. we are looking for some contacts to promote tchoukball in asia. could you help me in the philippines

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