When we were still a kid, the first song that our mother introduced to us is the 'Bahay Kubo. Then it was followed by our teachers on prep or nursery school. And through the years, from our forefathers up to this generation, we still introducing this folklore song to our kids.

And as i hopped John Lapus' blog, he mentioned on one of his post that he is tearfully amazed watching on facebook, this all-male French choir, singing our very own folksong. And since that he did not embeded the video on his blog, I searched it via youtube. While watching the video, i had mixed emotion (happy/amazed/proud) & tears are shed on my eyes (yung left eye lang ang may luha...joke), to this young and talented children from France singing our own song. It’s really amazing how clearly they uttered the lyrics of the song considering they are not Filipinos, especially to the talong part.

Maitrise des Hauts de France is the group's name. Founded in 1972, The choir comprise about two dozen boys and young men from schools, colleges and universities in and around Lambersart, near Lille in northern France.

These children carry the graceful beauty of singing to every corner of the world. Through the universal language of music they delight all audiences.

Last 2007, they performed at the North Arlington, New Jersey where they sang our very own BAHAY KUBO. To prove here is the video, hope that you amazed too.

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  1. Lord CM Says:

    "KANTA NAMIN YAN!KANTA NAMIN YAN!" Lolzz ang sarap ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na Pinoy ang may gawa ng kantang Bahay Kubo :)

  2. Glampinoy Says:

    Ah that song! I still sing it and it is the theme song of some of my vegetarian friend. Sarap mamuhay kaya sa isang Bahay Kubo with all the fruits and veggies plus chicken, ducks, dogs, and fishes and other two or four-legged animals all around.

  3. The Pope Says:

    Bravura!!! This is awesome, I love it. They are amazing and it really makes us a proud Pinoy.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. iya_khin Says:

    wow! when i was still young..young pa rin naman ako ngayon...ehem

    i keep on asking my mom to bring me to that bahay kubo kasi i was so curious that time knowing all plants grows in there!ehehe!

  5. A-Z-E-L Says:

    amazing! really!

    just a nursery rhyme.. pero nagawan ng magandang interpretation. ang galing!!!

    proud pinoy syempre!

  6. DRAKE Says:

    Part po kasi ng contest yan, bale kailangan nilang aralin ang isang kanta ng isang bansa (na kasali din sa contest). Kung di ako nagkakamali yung pambato natin dyan eh umawit din ng kanta ng ibang bansa (bahasa ata yun, nakalimutan ko na matagal na kasi yan)

    Ingat po palagi!

  7. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @lordcm, yahooooo, kanta natin yan...ang galing ano...

    @glampinoy, remember the good old days, when the morning is still. i once live in a bahay kubo. sa sobrang dami ng tanim sa paligid inaahas ang bahay namin...asar

    @the POPE, me too im proud to be pinoy, salamat din po.

  8. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @iya, ok, pagbigyan, bata ka pa....hehehe

    gusto ko sanang itanong bakit walang kadios, balatong o munggo, malunggay ano pa ba...ahh lettuce, cauli flower para sosyal...hehehe

    @A_Z_E_L, oo ang galing ng rendention nila, ilang years kaya, bago nila almost naperfect yan.

    @Drake, salamat sa info, bale nakita ko naman yung INdonesian choir singing 'IKAW', kontest ata sa ASIA yun.

    anyways, ingat din tol.

  9. Wow, this is excellent! Ang cute how they say "bataw" and "patani", heehee.

    Thanks for sharing! Ü

  10. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @Angel, totoo ate, ang gagaling nila... salamat po sa pagdaan

  11. Anonymous Says:

    There's an interesting picture book on Bahay Kubo. It is available at

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