Statistic says, that the Philippines is one of the most exporters of manpower abroad. And to those Filipino abroad, here are my lists of knowing them.

1. Used the term "kabayan" when meeting unfamiliar faces.

2. A collection of movies, audio CD's and a copy of adult films.

3. Have a plenty of stuffed toys, stuffed on the bed even there are no space for themselves to rest.

4. Have something took from the motel or hotel they checked in, as a souvenir (e.g. towel, toothpaste, blanket...etc.).

5. Have a friendster account to put their pictures abroad and set as primary.

6. Have two cellphones, one is for roaming & one for personal used.

7. DigiCam/MP4/Laptop/PSP/Cellphones & iPOD. (Filipino abroad became tekkie the time they set foot on the foreign land, same as me).

8. Everyone is single. (Others never admitted that they are married or attached.)

9. They never eat some foods they always ate back in the Philippines.

10. Always looking for the on-sale store or boutique.

11. When returning back home, a week before of the scheduled flight, curly haired "kababayan" or even not curly, go to salon to make their hair straight and relaxed (as they called).

12. Used dipper instead of toilet paper.

13. Captured moments addicted (kahit sa loob ng tren nagpipicturan).
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