The Old Hsinchu City East Gate

Yesterday, After so many months of making money, i finally got my restday. I also realized that i had a life to enjoy with. So without making any ado, i grabbed my bag and kick my ass off of my crib and spent the whole day at the city. Though the temperature is quite a bit annoying, i still find ways on how to enjoy my day. First, i visit my favorite bookstore, the Eslite, looking for a good book and also to grasp some cold temp for me to able to cope from the heat of the sun outside, which is freakingly irritating. After an hour or so, i look for a nice place to fill my angry stomach with a good food. I scout the city and took the underpass along the elliptical road, while walking, i saw a gallery of pictures of the Old City during its heyday and before/after the war. And in amazement, i pulled my ipad out of my bag and took a souvenir of it. Thanks to Hsinchu City Government for displaying this Old City photos to be able to remind its people how beautiful the city was way back when. 

The underpass of the Hsinchu City East Gate.(present day)

The East Gate still having a bridge during pre war era.

Established in 1733, the city used to be surrounded by bamboo groves. Hence, it was given the name "Chuchien," which means "bamboo wall." In 1826, members of the local gentry asked the authorities to erect a city wall made of brick and stone, and the request was granted. Construction started in 1827, and four gate towers were erected. As a result of city planning during the Japanese era, the wall and other gates were torn down in 1902, leaving only the East Gate. (

A destructive part of the gate during war period.

A Taiwanese mesmerizing the beauty of the city while letting his goat to feed.

A Taiwanese carrying his produce using a bamboo pole on his shoulder. Bamboo poles are ways of transporting goods in most Asian countries during hat day. The area of this street is today ZhongShan Road. 

Soldiers unwinding... 

A typical convoy of a married couple while in front of the East Gate.

The almost top view of the entire city gate during its heyday.

The center of businesses and relaxation.

This photo might be during 80's where street performers are still in. 

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