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New year, new start, new stories for us. And as, this is my first post for this year of 2010 I would like to share on how I welcome the year of the golden TIGER. Well, simply, me & my brother & his friends attended the yearly Taiwan countdown held at the front of the famous & 2nd tallest building in the world, the Taipei 101 (508-meter or 1,676-foot). Taiwan, inspite of having a different culture from us, filipino's, and because of the influence of the western culture, celebrate new year with a bang. There's a show before the fireworks displayed burst in the entire building and skyscraper of 101 tower. Local taiwan artists performed as the crowd awaits the main event. Taiwan with this years vision 2010:TAIWAN UP hoping for a better & further economic stability. Despite of last years economic downturn, taiwanese & taiwan government are looking forward for a better relations with China & other countries. I've been in this country for almost 7 years now & I witnessed the ups & downs of this country from President Chen Sui Bien to Ma Ying Chiu administration. And as an adopted son (walang kokontra) of this country I should say that this is new & a fresher start for taiwan people on 2010. Looking beyond positively & aiming for a better economy.

President Ma pushed the button as the hand of time strikes at 12, signified that year 2010 is already came in. After the fireworks display finished its moment of showing his beauty above the sky which is lasted for almost 5 minutes, the show continue and lot of artists performed to welcome 2010 with a smile. Some celebrities that i saw are Rainie Yang, Crowd Lu, Yoga Lin, Della, Fahrenheit, SHE, Mayday, Wang Leehom to name a few. As they performed on the stage me, my brother & his friends ate the media buena that we brought. The show finished almost 2:00 AM. And we go home with a smile as early as 5 AM of January 1st.

Thanks to DREAMKID0315 on youtube for this video, I was exactly at your place when you took this video.
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7 Responses
  1. The Pope Says:

    It was awesome, one of the best fireworks display I have seen, thanks for sharing this video and wishing you a blessed New Year.

  2. great view about fireworks..

  3. DETH Says:

    wow that was pretty awesome!!!

    sina dao meng si (F4) wala? ahahaha

  4. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @POPE, indeed it is almost the same on how the burj dubai fireworks displayed.

  5. gege Says:

    amazed na amzed ako dito!
    kelan kaya ito sa pilipinas...
    HAPPY NEW YEAR kuya scofield!

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