Cool wind.


Wish list.


Snow in some part of the Globe.



These are some of many things or signs that the yuletide season is approaching. And no matter how busy we are, still, this season is the best season of the year, simply because we celebrate the son of God's natal day. For many this is also the time for gathering, reunion, giving, thanksgiving, party and of course longggggggg vacation.

This season is also the season of love. A season where everyone expresses their feelings & concerns towards the other. Bad thing is, only this season it happened.

CHRISTMAS is giving. Giving that not expects anything in return. Giving that comes from the heart, no matter how small it is. Remember that GOD gave his son for the LOVE of us.

So, lets make our day, everyday... like CHRISTMAS.

And a few days before CHRISTMAS is my birthday... :)

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