Mga samu't saring kwento ng buhay at pakikipagsapalaran. Mga bagay na pinuproblema at bumabagabag sa mura kong puso't isipan. Mga balita at katotohanang nagpapadumi sa malinis na singlinis ng batis at banayad kong katawan. Mga ala-ala ng nakalipas na siyang nagpapatibay at nagpapahumindig ng aking tunay na pagkatao. Kung ang ibang news ay over a week ago na, sori naman, kasi ngayon ko lang sila nabasa. At oo, ako na ang caveman. Kaya, heto na sila... you have 1 minute to read this, and your timer starts now!!! Oh! wait you can start the reading with this lines, "Here's what you missed on me(it must be the same tune as the voice over on glee episodes or else ayokooo naaa![kris aquino style])" hehehe!

-I slept over to a friend's apartment.
-I was highlighted by the QA manager for something that I never did.
-Old Hukou Community Summer Basketball Tournament for OFW in the area opened.
-Scarborough Shoal Standoff.
-Derek transferred.... and sing ANABANANAAAA! (Derek Lorenzo, pala!)
-Meta World Peace delivered a thunderous cheap elbow into the ear of James Harden, sending Harden to the court in obvious pain.
-Attended a Mass.
-Lost myself.
-Got mad of people outside my circle.
-My friend's birthday came and I insisted to treat us over steakhouse, kahit na isang buwan na ang lumipas.
-Annabelle & Nadia still fighting....for the Best Talak & Papansin Award!
-My bestfriend came here again in Taiwan.
-I was out of connection on twitter on FB & Twitter for a week.
-I downloaded the Hillsong's 'Welcome to the Aftermath' Live in Miami Album. Loveeeeetttttt!
-I did a night run and made a million lapses, joke on the latter!
-Loose weight.
-Got drunk with a Chinese buddy.
-I forgot my company ID.
-Have a rough day.
-Lost my way and back.
-Met a racist Chinese whom happened our company guard.
-Gained weight.
-Praised the Lord.
-No A/C in our room.
-FPJ died....teka matagal na yun ah. I mean, FPJ's daughter, Lovi dont want to have love scene with Bembol. (Maybe because she's still virgin. Lol!).
-I answered a Voltage Divider Bias & Emitter-Bias problems checking if they're really biased. 
-I also study Bi-Polar Junction, wondering if I can get answers & solved peoples having bi-polar issues.
-North Korea's much hyped rocket launched, failed (tinalo ng mga kwitis ng Pinas)
-The newest sequel of the NeverEndingStory...#CJonTrial is still on going and going and going and........
-Nanood ng walang kwentang palabas sa TV kahapon, Tatlong Baraha ang title. Anak ng tinapa, Filmfest entry pala ito.
-Meet a friend who is going back home tomorrow.

Ok, seriously, no matter what you did, what you recieved and no matter how life is hard on you, still be thankful for everything and count it as blessings because some people, wants what you are having now...


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