Which Physics Theory are You?
To kill boredom, I took a quiz from facebook this morning. About, "Which Physics Theory are you?" And after a long questions from 1 to 6, the result is this,

Which Physics Theory are you?


And it explained like this...

Rex took the Which Physics Theory are you? quiz and the result is Relativity

You're like Einstein. You admire the unbounded structure of the world. You'd love the universe to be simple and elegant. You always find yourself running out of time because your clock slows down.

And this is my wacky explanation goes...

Relativity: I had many relatives both on my mother & fathers side. Hahaha.

Like Einstein: One of my teacher in elementary threw an eraser on me, bad thing is I'd never become as inteligent as Einstein (Shaira Luna lang ang kalevel ko, heheheh)

Admires the unbounded structure of the world: Eiffel Tower and Louvre. Indeed a great structures. Hehehe.

Loves the universe to be simple: I love Miss Universe candidates on the swimsuit competition...hehehehe

Always finds yourself running: I'm not a thieffffff (Hindi ako magnanakaw)... LOLZ.  Simply because i'm always late on my work, good thing is i have a lot of leaves that i can used to fill in my tardiness. One of my co-worker said, "alam mo suko na ang alarm clock sa 'yo". Sounds funny but hate to admit thats true. :(

Lesson to be learned: "Huwag magbilang ng manok, kung ang alaga mo ay itik!!!". 

6 Responses
  1. "Huwag magbilang ng manok, kung ang alaga mo ay itik!!!??"

    parang walang konek sa theory of relativity... aheheehhe...

    siguro ang motto mo sa buhay ay ganito, "aanhin pa ang damo, kung matinik ay malalim"...

    nice post...i love miss universe on swimsuits too... :D

  2. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @supergulaman. wala talagang koneksyon yun...hehhehe

    bat mo alam motto ko... ahehehe

    thank you poh!!!

  3. DRAKE Says:

    Parekoy, maraming maraming salamat sa iyong pagbati!

    Parekoy iaadd kita sa aking blogroll!

    Salamat din nga pala dun sa comment mo dun sa youtube ikaw pala yun!hehhe

    Salamat uli!

  4. ako cguro, i am the "Theory of Thermal Expansion"..

    It gets longer as it heats..

    I mean, my patience gets longer as the tension heights up.. hahahaha...

  5. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @Drake, walang anuman po...salamat din sa pag-add...

    @Jaypee, hahaha, ayus yun ah, i remember thermodynamics tuloy...tenk you!!!

    @jepoy, bakit naman? siguro hate mo ang physics noon ano...hehehe

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