Since today is 09/09/09, a good number for fengshui believer. I just wanted to share a story that makes me joyful everytime i remembered.

This happened many years ago, when I was in college. I was on my 3rd year taking ECE course, alone & lonely (well just think of being dumped by someone). Actually, yes, I was dumped by a girl and that was the first time that I was rejected, coz' usually I was the one do the 'leaving on the jet plane' thing. Do you know the feeling of a little kid who was bullied and got his lunch box by those big kids? That same feeling I felt at that time, I was bullied & no one left on me except the dirt on my shirt.

During that time, I cannot concentrate on my studies... I always wanted to be left alone. One time my friend caught me crying, but I denied it, and said, 'no I just have dirt my eyes that causes me looks like crying'. But indeed deep inside I was crying. Its just I really love the girl, thats why I acted like that. I really love her to the point that no one left on me, for Mariah "I give My all"(the song). This situation left me also a memorable mark on my classcard too.When I get my grade on MECHANICS, its was not failed nor even dropped, its LEFT, meaning you enrolled the subject and left it. Imagine even on my classcard, the whole world wanted to know that I was LEFT by someone.

Then second semester came, I was still on pain, but not the same as before the 1st sem ended (in hospital term, ON RECOVERY). Yes, i am on recovery, because I still have friends who always there to tease me, to flashbacked the last time situation that I am into. Then there is one girl who always at a distance looking at me, staring at me. She's not quite pretty, but not ugly, she very simple in many ways, not talkative not like the others, I remember her, shes my constant seatmate on one of my subject.

One time, while hurriedly walking to attend a class on Advanced Math, (I dont know what happended on me) I said "Hello" to her while I passed through her and then she smile back and say 'HI'. Upon hearing her voices theres an urge on me to meet her. I left my friend and said 'go ahead, alot of numbers awaits on you', 'Xerox ko na lang ang notes mo mamaya'. Then I walked back to the girl that made my heart exciting. As I walked through the bench where she was seated, I had many butterflies flying on my stomach, and when I reached her place, my mouth burst asking, 'ate, me kopya ka ba ng lesson nyo kanina sa Advanced Math' then, she replied, 'ate ka jan, meron kuya'. Then we both laughed after. A few minutes, after got back from photocopying her notes, I asked her name. Her name is not-so-pretty-woman. After asking whats on the notes, I've got an instant tutor, lolz, I've got a friend & I found out that shes more smarter than me, because shes a deans lister while I am a manong-computer-rental lister (adik sa computer kase).

A month after exchanging phone numbers, making 'sabay' & 'kamusta' to her everyday and sharing ideas and thoughts, she confessed that she had a crush on me during the MECHANICS overload (overload kase, I lost a GF and Left a 5 units subject). She said that during that dark times of mine, she wanted to help me. After hearing that, I felt flattered, simply because on a distant, someway, somehow there is someone thinking & care for me from afar.

After the semester ends, with those routine of calling her, making hatid, and making sabay & kamusta to her, she became my girlfriend and now... wala na kame, joke.

It was wonderful sitting on a bench even I am here abroad, remembering that moment of joy meeting her.

Times like this belongs to one of top ten things in my life that gives me the utmost joy.

How about you? What makes you joyful?

4 Responses
  1. DETH Says:

    hmmm...iniwan mo siya?
    ako simple lang...masaya na ko kapag nakikita ko at naririnig ang alon ng dagat:D

  2. Jepoy Says:

    Ang sosyal English!

  3. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @deth, no its just happened na nangibang bansa ako... hindi nakapaghintay nag-asawa na...huhuhu...salamat po sa pagbisita

    @jepoy, hahaha. oo kuya, kapag lasing ako magaling akong magjonglish, hehehe...lashing ako habang ginagawa to...salamat po sa pagdaaan

  4. <*period*>; Says:

    AHM, SALAMAT po sa pagbisita sa munti kong mundo...

    ang angkan po ng nanay ko ay mula sa dagatan, taysan batangas

    ang aking ama naman ay catandala, batangas

    subalit i was born and raised in batangas city po..hilltop in particular(malapit sa universirty of batangas)

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