Last night I was marathoning the Harry Potter movies and i'm already on its third installment "The Prisoner of Azkhaban" when i caught myself snoring. On the latter part of the film, the Knight Bus was introduced when Harry Potter left his uncle's house after inflating Aunt Marge inadvertently. Knight Bus is a triple decker bus that assists stranded witches & wizards through public transportation. In the movie, most of the passengers of the Knight Bus are old ones except for Harry. Well, actually my story is not about Harry, its about that bus. I'm thinking, what if theres really a bus for stranded people especially those who are waited to be love & to love for so long time. Sabi nga ng mga matatanda, "abay bilisan mo na, baka maiwan ka pa ng huling byahe."

Actually early this morning, i had a meet up with my brother at the city to assists him to the TAX Bureau for his tax refund. While at the bus and while listening to my playlist on my HTC-Wildfire phone, I'd noticed that I am the only youngest person inside & I supposed all are aged 50 & up. As I listened to O' Holy Night, Celine Dion version I started to think, what if I came to the point of their age, still single? Alone, sad, loathed, full of sentiments, and no one cares. Geez! I can't imagined myself living alone, without kids roaming around. Without someone who can share your lonely nights & someone who can talked to & planned for something great ahead. Syetttt! Hindi ko kaya ang mag-isa! And if that time comes I think I need to shout this out loud.......

"Knight Bus for the Heart, pleaseee!!! "
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    uy may ganuuun... wag ka mag-alala.. if it's meant to be, it's meant to be :)

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