If reading and visiting blogs from other blogger is called "blog hopping", i must say that reading news online from different newspaper, is a "news hopping". Well, nowadays, Japan's twin disaster/calamities is still on the top news, following the heightening crisis of Libya & the heating government issues of Bahrain. Meanwhile from local news, topping of it, is the side by side prediction & paranoia of some on a possible earthquake in the Philippines & how to prepare in this act of nature. Followed by, the back-to-back fire that almost we have every week. And completing the news on the daily paper are the unending issues of killing, man shot dead, car accidents, house robbed, & the 'tirahan' among the members of the government. Nakakasawa. Nakakainis. Nakakabuwisit. Buti na lang there are some newspapers having sections and subcategories that make you smile a bit, like the one that I found on Pilipino Star Ngayon, they have this "True Confessions", its a 'subaybayan' story of i dont know, if love or sex, maybe? Now they have 'TAKAW' as their latest episode (ganda di ba?). And when I jumped in to Journal Online, and while scanning the news on their homepage, this one on the entertainment section caught my attention...


Natawa akong bigla ng ganito T_______T, sabay tanong, "Who is Anna Dizon?"


Who is Anna Dizon?.


p.s. walang pong personalan para lahat masaya. (^_^)

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  1. iya_khin Says:

    sino nga sya? sikat ba yan?!! malamang hindi kasi di ko sya kilala! hahaha

  2. avid reader ako ng Pilipino Star Ngayon kasi diyan na diaryo ay may napublish akong tatlo kong sinulat na kuwento na ang pamagat ay KAHIT HINDI AKO MAGKA CELLPHONE, SAKRISTAN, AT CONTESSA.....ang newspaper clip ng diaryo na iyan na nandoon ang sinulat ko with my name ay makita sa blog ko sa side lang ang pamagat at makita na ang newspaper clip na pina scan ko..

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