After reading this health 'thingy' on yahoo news about the 7 foods that fight fat, I  almost die laughing on some of the comments at the bottom of the article. 

Try this....

Tagore about an hour ago
Try nyo walang pera at trabaho...siguradong mangangayayat ka.

(Kuya Tagore, malamang dedbol ka na rin)


Ma.Concepcion 2 hours ago

Yun ang tawag sa patatas? Spud? Hehe

At ginamitan ko daw ng wiki. (The name spud for a small potato comes from the digging of soil (or a hole) prior to the planting of potatoes. The word is of unknown origin and was originally (c. 1440) used as a term for a short knife or dagger, probably related to Dutch spyd and/or the Latin "spad-" root meaning "sword"; cf. Spanish "espada", English "spade" and "spadroon". The word spud traces back to the 16th century.)  


Linda 3 hours ago
try nyo walking ,,,morning and evening

(Paging The Walking Dead Producer, may nakawalang walker dito!) 


Liza 4 hours ago
yes!!hataw na lang kyo and limit sa rice epective yan....+

(Epective with letter 'p' talaga?)

Chuva 5 hours ago
kun diet ang paguusapan, gayahin nyo japanese diet.....they have the longest lifespan in the world, ganon lang ka simple, ang baba ng heart disease rate, obesity rate, cancer rate at stroke rate nila, very simple......2 raw eggs a day cooked by the heat of freshly cooked rice

(Ok, guys lets do this, '2 eggs a day cooked by the heat'. Sama-sama tayong magpainit ng itlog sa gitna ng araw. Lolz!)


MarlynV 5 hours ago
dance waka waka 6x everyday while watching t.v.patrol thru tfc.sure you'll lose weight,not boring plus drink a lot of water eat less carb,take plenty fruits and fresh vegetables,sleep 8 hours/24 hours have a good job and avoid stress to become healthy and don''t forget to pray.

(panalo, dancing waka waka, to the tune of gus abelgas while reporting! ma-try ko nga rin yan! lolz)


Cryolagirl 6 hours ago
have plenty of sex..

(ikaw na ang may sex life!) 


Kung merong makukulit na comment meron din namang dinibdib, sineryoso at kinarir, for the benefit of the readers/others.

Edith 6 hours ago
Self discipline and motivation is the best way to lose weight. If your goal is to lose weight, focus on it.

Alonne 4 hours ago

go to gym everyday or as you can,for maximum of just 1hour & 30minuts in gym for the beginners and do with good programs from the staff and simply follow what they said,and avoid fatty foods of course take a balance diet please..

Dan F 7 hours ago
From my experience the person who wrote this doesn't know what they're talking about. Everything mentioned here for people losing weight are exactly the same things needed to gain weight (a problem I have had all my life). Greasy eggs on toast, look at all that grease, dairy products, cheese and milk, all the things to put on weight.
Unless there is a motabilism problem the only thing fat people need to do is reduce the amount they eat and don't have pizzas and fast food all the time. Its really very simple but needs a strong attitude.
Now putting on weight is the real problem, peoplw (including doctors/dieticians) don't realise its just as bad for your health to be underweight. Milky weight gains are full of bad stuff, milk is fatty and bad for the heart.
Bottom line, if you want to post a headline like this, use someone who knows what they are talking about.
Remember for years these do gooders have been saying coffee is bad for you, now it turns out its good for you doh !!!!!!


By the way, here are the 7 foods that fight fat.

1. Spuds (sosyal! patatas lang pala). Spuds have a bad reputation for its high carbs, but because they are thrice as filling as a slice of white bread, it tops all food when it the satiety index. In addition, the starch in potatoes helps burn body fat.

Make potato diet with all your heart...

2.Oranges. Oranges rank the highest in the list of satisfying fruits. The fiber fights fat, ergo -- if you eat more fiber, you'll have less flab. So go grab an orange.

 Straight from the tree...

3. MilkMilk, particularly skim milk, contain proteins (whey and casein) that can make you feel more satisfied than sugary drinks and tells your brain you've had enough to eat.

Not from her...hehehe. 

But from this giant bottle on your roof mixed with!

Milk photo credit from here. 

4. Pine NutsPine nuts contain fatty acids that boost hormones that make you feel full and keep belly fat away.

Ok pine! hehehe. Zushial naman, can i use peanut, instead. Can't afford eh!

5. ChocolatesAnother reason to indulge in chocolate: Compounds in chocolate slows down digestion, so you'll eat less at your next meal. A small piece of chocolate can also help curb your cravings for salty, sweet and fatty food.

How can you eat these poor little babies? Chocolate Babies.

Photo from here.

6. EggsEggs are loaded with protein and the amino acids in egg whites help build lean muscle that may help your metabolism. Have them for breakfast, and it can curb your appetite.

I wonder how those little babies are being concepted.

7. CheeseCheese from grass-fed animals like goat and feta cheese contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that helps you feel full and burn more fat. Cottage cheese on the other hand contains whey protein that tells your brain you've had enough to eat as well.

Rose of titanic once said "Can you paint me with these, wearing only this"......... "cheese bra."


Foods are only supplements to sustained our energy in everyday life. And getting fat is not an issue. The issue here is how to carry yourself & how proud you are on the gifts that God has given to you. 

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