One of the best day of the week is Friday, thats why for others they call it TGIF. I, indeed agree, because I had so many reasons to share with...did you know that, Jesus died on friday (hahahaha)...that Friday the 13th cant be called like that if the 13th day of the month did not falls on Friday...hehehe. Well, seriously speaking, yesterday, Friday is my restday & I've got a chance to watch the much awaited sequel of the much talked about (if not by the Filipino's well most chinese did) movie of Robert Downey Jr.'s IRONMAN. I & my girl friend (friend, happened to be a girl) named Ruby from Laguna watched it on the city, and it cost NT$280 (it doesnt really mean to me how much it cost, as long as i enjoyed it). And of course, as what I usually do when watching movies, I always took picture on their poster like what you see below.

I must say that my 280 dollars worth much, even that in the mid-part of the movie, I accidentally took a nap due to some tiredness that I felt (remember, cool & dark room, ohhh, like a bedroom to me...hahaha). Imagine after 12 hours of work the night before, i hurriedly go to my friends place to fetch her...then off to city & to movie (magpaliwanag daw!). Good thing is, I did not missed the highlight of the film. After watching IRONMAN, my friend & I decided to eat at somewhat we called shabu-shabu (a restaurant wherein you can cook & grill whatever you wanted). As what the picture tells...

My friend posing for the food she wanted to eat.

I, after all

The foods to be grilled

My friend & I at the variety section.

After filling our tummies with that magnificent & great foods (from their lamb, pork, beef & chicken meats, shrimps & other seafoods stuff, veggies, to thier ice cream (take note haagen dazs, tama ba spell), & to the fruits, everything is great & fresh) from that best shabu-shabu restaurant in town called Hai Pa Wang (i dont know what that means, basta masarap lahat), we started stretching & walked through the park for a little chat. And the rest...are history. :)
9 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ayeeeeeeeeee!!!! may date date!! ibang level na itoh! aylavet!!

  2. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @chikee, uy ate mizzz you po. tagal mong nawala ah...were just friendz (showbiz!)...hehhehehe...ikaw ang gusto kong tanungin...bat angtagal mong nawala...lumablayp ka ba?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ay nako! lecheng lablayp yan.. swerte sa trabaho malas sa lablayp. haha! ganun ang buhay ko.

  4. Jepoy Says:

    uyyyyyyyyyy bagay

  5. DRAKE Says:


    Date yan noh!ayaw pang aminin!hehhehe

    Sana derederetso na yan sa simbahan!hehehe


  6. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @drake & jepoy, TSE!!!, were just friends...hehehhe

    ingat kayu!!!

  7. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @chikletz, ganun daw talaga yun...kaya bagay tayong mga walang lablayp...anu kaya kung tayo na lang...hehehhe, joke.

    ingat ate...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    bumanat ka na naman!

  9. SCOFIELD JR. Says:

    @chikletz, mizzz lang ng sobra...tagal mong nawala eh...hehehe

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