2011 November 24 is Thanksgiving Day. An American holiday that have a big roasted turkey on the banquet as what I saw on the Smallville Series. Lol! Anyways, it is a holiday wherein the American give thanks to Lord for guiding them safe & making their harvest bountiful & productive, that is according to wiki.  Eventhough its not customarily observed in the Philippines and not one of the Filipino tradition and  even not in the calendars lists of holiday, I wanted to share, what I am thankful for this year. 

1.  LIFE. For another year that past, though its been a rough road journey, I'm very much thankful for everyday's breath that's coming out on my mouth. Everytime that I opened my eyes from the whole night sleep means another hope, goodness & knowledge are going to share to others.

2. LOVE & SUPPORT. For those peoples who believes, respects & trusts me. From my family, friends, everydays companion, everyone that I met, & even those who hated me. With you all, I still continue learning lessons in life & still continue forgiving. Even in our differences I know we are still connected.

3. HEALTH. As I celebrates an almost a decade living abroad of being an OFW. Good Health never left me. Though sometimes I felt weak, it doesn't mean that I am not healthy & fit. I'm sorry if sometimes I overused or overheaded you with some not worthy lifestyle, I'm just experimenting. :)

4. ASHIN & JARED. You two little angels brings hope & joy to my family. Thanks to the both of you for making my parents happy. May the both of you adopts the goodness & humbleness of JESUS. 

5. IMPRISONED MIND & ITS FOLLOWERS. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a writer or lets say even a contributor in our school paper, but since I'm a transferee student, it never happened. I dont know whats their reason of being from other school & being on the 1st section in joining the school paper. Until now I'm asking why only those students who belongs from SSC(Special Science Class) are the one among the 20 sections, must be in the school organ. Anyways, my blog fulfilled my dream and it is like my journal, where I can share what's inside my naughty mind & anything what my brain spilled (lol!) both non-sense & have sense. I would also like to give my gratitude to my countless & million followers...uhmmm, 53 lang naman sila (lol). Thank you to your awa to follow me, hehehe.

6. BEAUTIFUL PLACES/WONDERS & PEOPLE. I'm always amazed & fascinated of seeing wonders that are created by nature or people then preserved through a very long  span of years. Because of that, I have a time to bulakbol/travel places. And while I'm on travel, I always tried to compare whose better, people of the past of people of today, though I believed that us, the present inhabitant are far more better than before, yun nga lang.... we abused our powers so much.

7. COFFEE. I love coffee very much. That's it! Thank you!

8. MY COUNTRY. In this cruel world, YOU Lord Almighty still blessed my country with good people, eventhough in this moment of time, the world saw us differently. Well, I'm happy to say that I was born in this country full of happiness & talented people. No further explanation.

9. CHOCOLATES. My felicitation goes to the inventor of making cocoa seed to a wonderful, delicious & enticing cube-that-taste-good called chocolates. For that, I want to have an OOMPA-LOOMPA (Mr. Wonka Employee from his chocolate factory). Lol!

10. And last, I would like to express my gratitude to the LORD ALMIGHTY for all the blessings I have received and all I have lost. 


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  1. empi Says:


  2. we always should be thankful to God Almighty for everything we have. happy thanks giving!

  3. RHYCKZ Says:

    Happy thanksgiving kuya empi & super jaid, welcome back.

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