While everyone is fonded by scary and horrible stories yesterday as they celebrate Holloween & stuff, I and the whole Filipino workers of our company, GLOBAL TESTING, are suffering on the most horrifying thing that ever happened on our journey as an OFW............

......WALA NA KAMING PIENTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, for those who dont know what pientang is, it is chinese word for, a box of food, packed  as LUNCH or  DINNER that can be bought in a restaurant. Usually it contains rice, veggies, side dishes & pork or chicken, just like this.

Our company decided not to continue their share in our meal allowance. Their reason is,  the company is suffering and affected by the global crisis, that's why they need to cut out our meal allowance. Take note, we're on crisis since 2008! Shit!

Started yesterday, November 1, we will the one who'll gonna provide our food. Well, on the bright side we can eat whatever we wanted.

But the bad thing is...........

Im running out of budget...........


4 Responses
  1. Leah Says:

    Ah, yun pala yung Pientang. Now, I know. :D

    LOL.. Pareho tayo, poor Leah din me ngayon. hihi.. Not having enough money sucks! :P

  2. empi Says:

    ANG SARAPPPPP!!! Siguro nyan!

  3. RHYCKZ Says:

    Ate Leah: oo, at maiinitin ang ulo ko kapag walang makain at mas worst kapag walang pera. hahaha

    thanks ate sa pabdaan.

  4. RHYCKZ Says:

    Kuya EMPI: tsambahan lang pre ang masarap, alam mo naman mga chinese kahit anong klaseng dahon kinakain. Alam mo bang may asparagus tea dito, meron ding talahib tea. at alam mo ba yung balat ng orange, pinatutuyo dito at ginagawang parang champoy.

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