The Migrant Empowerment Network in Taiwan(MENT) in cooperation with Hsinchu Catholic Diocese Migrants & Immigrants Service Center (HMISC) and other legal organizations are inviting every OFW  to support the Migrant Workers Rally this coming December 11, 2011. The main objective of this gathering is to secure the right to rest and leisure to migrant workers. 

From the article posted on http://tw.migrant-workers.org/ the Council of Labor Affairs finally responded to hear the cry of many Migrant Workers especially the Domestic Workers by proposing the official Protection Act of Domestic Workers. This Act will determine the rights to have rest as well as restriction on maximum daily working hours through negotiations between the employee & the employer.

In response, everyone is invited to gather at the heart of Taipei's entertainment and shopping center in Xinyi District to alert the general public the real situation of our Domestic workers. As everyone is enjoying the weekend away from work, the thousands of our domestic migrant workers are still working, struggling and even dying under extreme labor conditions.

Once again, to all OFW here in Taiwan they need our support.

(The photo & program schedule are courtesy of http://tw.migrant-workers.org/)
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