March 2, 2009. That was the exact date when I joined or let say, signed in as SCOFIELD_JR to JUSTINTV. That date also was the time I met a lot of Filipinos around the world, with their different stories. They are at one channel called pinaychanneldotcom that feeding live, the kapuso channel station or better known in the Philippines as GMA-7. Aside from the live streaming coming from the Philippines, this channel has a chat box near the main screen of the feed. Almost half of the chatters & viewers are from abroad or should I say Filipinos working abroad, in short OFW.

There I met CHIKLETZ of my orange vest. She's from USA as she always says. With a simple picture she had in her avatar, I felt in love with her (joke), well truthfully speaking she's one of nicest person that I met on chatworld together with the others from Japan & Israel. I felt comfortable making 'asar' and cracking some jokes with her because she knows how to go, with in the flow. From then on, we became friends (hope that she felt the same way...hehehe). Until one time, she introduced me to the blogging world through "My Orange Vest" (kinailangan pa namin siyang iboto, para makamit nya yung isa sa mga awards niya...dun yun sa composed gentleman ata yun...), well actually she deserved to have that award because she dont like yellow...hehehe, it simply because shes not only one of a kind, shes on the other kind (parang alien...hehehe), an alien travelling in a vast space of knowledge (o ayan compliment yan ha). Anyways, this one I wrote, is my way of saying i love you (joke...hehehe, baka magalit GF ko), this is my way of saying thank you that I'm here on the blogsphere.

Gracias Mucho!!!
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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ay nako! kelangan ng ipromote ang blog mo. haha! thank u friend sco! :D yay!

    ganda na ng blog nya o.. ayeee!!

  2. @chikletz, xencia n d ko p alam kung pano magbigay ng mga gift...gustuhin ko man d ko alam kung pano...bata pa ko sa blogspere. hehehehe

  3. JETTRO Says:

    fren mo pala c chikletz bait yan

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