10.10.100 (The Double Tenth Day of Taiwan)

Yey! It's Double Ten once again. This day, the Republic of China (ROC) or the popularly known as Taiwan marks their centennial year, after Dr. Sun Yat Sen led to overthrew the China's Qing Dynasty. According to history, the Republican Era of China began with the outbreak of revolution on October 10, 1911, in Wuchang, the capital of Hubei Province, among discontented modernized army units whose anti-Qing plot had been uncovered. This would be known as the Wuchang Uprising which is celebrated as Double Tenth Day in Taiwan. Every year of this month & on this date, the Taiwan community, inside & out of the country come together to cheer the nation's National Day. 

The Celebration Ceremony held in front of the Presidential Office Building on the morning of National Day is attended by ministers, returned overseas Chinese, foreign dignitaries and hundreds of thousands of people from around the country. The martial spirit of the armed forces is displayed to the nation in full regalia during the military review, and the climax of the day is the Presidential Address made to the nation.

The National Day Parade is the main event of the morning activities on Double Tenth, followed by a public parade including representatives of different professions as well as entertainment and folk performances. Evening events include the National Day Fireworks Display, which turns the night sky over the major cities of Taiwan into a dazzling explosion of color, and the elaborate National Day Concert, a perfect ending for the evening's events.

On the streets, the colors of the national flag capture the eye, and evening is given added luminosity by brightly lit ceremonial arches. 


This year, to celebrate the ROC's 100th year anniversary, a mega centennial events have been planned based on three major keys including "Let Academia Interpret History", "Let Taiwan Behold the Future & "Show Taiwan to the World. This events will show's Taiwan's unimaginative nature sceneries, their precious & well preserved natural resources, the mouthwatering Taiwan delicacies & snacks and also the colorful cultures of this amazing island. 

In the evenings of Oct. 10th-11th, 2011, a splendid musical, “Dreamer”, will be performed together by local performers and celebrities at the Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheater (Taichung Arena) to represent the core spirit of Taiwanese and harmonious cultures and societies, as well as the dreams of people.

The character symbol of TEN in chinese is a plus (+) sign and is considered a powerful feng shui symbol. 


(Holiday na naman!)

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