While walking along the street side of Kuang Fu Road, way up to my work, I saw this strange tree & captured my naughty imagination. Then here I am, sharing it with you.


What is so strange & different about this tree from the other?


 See tomorrow's post!!!

3 Responses
  1. empi Says:

    Tinitingnan ko ng maigi... at napaisip sa sagot sa baba. Bakit TOMORROW? Sagot! Di ko makuha. *slowmode*

  2. Aj Banda Says:

    hmmm.. i zoom it in and saw nothing weird...

    now I'm curious...

  3. RHYCKZ Says:

    @kuya Empi, what i mean is, the answer will be on tommorow's post. senxia na namali lang ng dapat na isusulat. churiiii!!!!

    @kuya AJ. hahaha, on my next post the picture will reveals its true feature. :)

    salamat kuya sa pagdaan...

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