Well, it had an organ, a female like organ. Lolz!

Look closer...



To make this post have a lot of sense, I wanted to share a toponyms & a trivia too, in connection with that female like organ.

TE PUKE - is a town located in the Western Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. 

There's a place in Albania called PUKE.

Other Toponyms or funny name of places that makes you laugh or.... at least smiles a bit.

HELL can be found in Michigan, USA

PURGATORY is in Maine

Theres a place in California called HOOKER

UGLEY can be found  in Essex, England

BORING is in Oregon

BAKLA Candradvipa is in East Pakistan

LESBOS is an island in Greece

There's a place called LOWER & UPPER DICKER in East Sussex, England

PITY ME & NO PLACE can be found in Durham County, England

NUEVE de PEBRERO is a place in Quezon City, Philippines 
(im wondering if this date is the date where this place founded)


toponymy [təˈpɒnɪmɪ]
1. the study of place names
2. (Medicine) Rare the anatomical nomenclature of bodily regions, as distinguished from that of specific organs or structures
toponymic  [ˌtɒpəˈnɪmɪk]toponymical adj
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I looked closer!! I did! I did! hehe..

    There's "BAKLA" in Pakistan.. and "PURGATORY" in Maine? Weird.. :p Parang gusto kong marating yung Hell, Michigan. Pag may nagtanong kung saan ako galing, sasgutin kong "I"ve been in Hell and back.. " Harharhar!

  2. nakakatuwang tingnan ang punong kahoy..

  3. RHYCKZ Says:

    @ATE LEAH: Salamat ate sa pagdalaw at pag-iwan ng bakas. Ayon sa baliw-balita crowded na daw at overpopulated na sa Hell place na yan sa Michigan. lolz!

  4. RHYCKZ Says:

    @ARVIN, maski ako aliw na aliw ding pagmasdan. hehehe.

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